I thought I would have a look at some test style maths questions just to see where my big kid can develop. Now I don’t test my girls, we do stuff for fun, I just wanted to see what sort of questions. She comes out with some pearlers, it’s going to take some time.

A probability question about going to the zoo. You need to use the words certainly, likely, unlikely or impossible. The first statement is simply we are going to the zoo. My daughter’s response: impossible, we went yesterday!

Right so then we have a drawing of a pig with four sneakers on its feet. The question: what is impossible about this picture? My girls replies the pig doesn’t have a curly tail!

Okay so should I be proud of the fact in her mine a pig could wear shoes or should I be amazed that she spotted the straight tail? She makes me laugh. Keep in mind this is the child who in a test drew a butterfly instead of 23 lines. Her reasoning was there were 23 shapes in her butterfly and it looked better than lines… Back to the drawing board on that child! Gotta love her! Until next time have fun!