My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

So what’s your writing life like? Mine is spasmodic, which can be painful. I don;t have a regular schedule. As much as I know that would help it just hasn’t really been possible. However this year I have been determined to use my time for me. Which means not working on my days off (hahahahahahaha), okay not doing as much work on my days off. It also means putting my butt on the chair and focusing on the task at hand. So far I have entered three flash fiction stories for anthologies, editing a fourth, completed draft one of a chapter book and am now editing it. I am also editing my longer youth fiction novel and of course I have had The Homework Goblin published. So by the end of the year I should have stories in three anthologies and my three published books. Hopefully also my sequel to Obi submitted for publishing. That’s not a bad haul considering this is a hobby. Of course there is other time required for my writing hobby. Marketing takes up lots of time. It is also really difficult to gauge what actually works. No one really seems to have an answer to that. So I will keep plodding along. Of course I want to sell more of my books, it will help greatly when getting the next ones published. That’s not the only reason though. I really want kids reading my books. Tonight I sent my girls down to their rooms to choose a book each for story time and they both came back with their copies of The Homework Goblin… there is no greater compliment, my girls are one of the reasons I write. They love my stories, so hopefully other kids will too.
My focus on the second half of the year is to get more organised and to produce more stories that are close to being submitted. I also hope to have a few projects up and running soon. So watch this space. Would love to hear how other authors organise their writing life… Until next time – have fun!