My boys have had a big day!
Tomorrow is the last day of the term and then they get a bit of a rest. I can’t express how much I adore these boys. the best part of the day for me is the wait for my kiddies at school. I sit in the boot with three beautiful boys drapped over me. It’s nice to have a moment to just sit and enjoy the boys. Plus it’s very warm on these cold winter afternoons!
I will put up with the snoring because I know they have worked hard and will do so again tomorrow. I think our labradors have the best attitude to life. They always give their all and then sleep it off. That way the next day is all new and they never hold a grudge. I am trying to learn from their attitude. I must admit at times I am jealous, still it is amazing what a good sleep can do.
So take a leap out of their book, work hard, play hard and sleep hard. I’m off to do some writing before I go for the last one! Until next time – have fun!