This is one of the best pieces of advice I have seen. I am often asked “how do you write books?” well it starts out simple. Get and idea and go with it. It doesn’t matter what the idea is or how much it changes. Just sit down and write. Then comes the hard part, the editing. More about that another time. So idea is in the head and fingers are typing. The next step is to save, save, save. Never delete, just save somewhere else. Today’s rubbish maybe tomorrows treasure. Take my flash fiction for the Crock of Charms project. I wrote it a week or so ago. Today I have completely changed my mind. I still like what I had written, it’s just I realised it could also fit in with another project. So I put the two together and am writing a new piece. I will not delete the other. There still may be a place for that, but for now it’s a continuation of a new adventure. In the end who knows.. I may have a bit from each. So my advice to anyone who wants to write is simply to write. Worry about the rest later. Until next time – have fun!