I am not the most organised person. I have half written stories in lots of different places, idea notes in even more and a house that is definitely lived in. So what can I do when the ideas are rolling? I fill up more notebooks and try to sort myself out. The problem is there are never enough hours. I get distracted by the boys:

2013-03-02 09.10.48

Who clearly think Mum should be spending time with them. Of course the girls are also demanding. Yes I will be running around in the cold at Soccer training soon. Then of course there is work… can’t forget that! So yep pretty much the ideas just buzz around and a lot gets missed. Still I am pretty proud of my production so far this year. Would love some organisation tips… what works for you? What’s a complete waste of time?

A new idea is brewing into the future for me at the moment an I will be looking for other authors and writers to participate. So watch this space… until next time – have fun!