Awesome surprise – a box of books landed on my doorstep this afternoon. Not just any books, but a box of 100 copies of The Homework Goblin!


Seeing my third book in print is so exciting. I can’t wait for the book launch, will be lots of fun. There are only two things better than getting that box of books. The first is selling them and the second is hearing from children after they have read the books! Kids are so honest, they know what they like. I love hearing from the kids who have read my books.

The arrival of these books came at just the right time. I am frustrated with my editing, realising I have so much work to do. I also have a million ideas floating around, so it’s hard to concentrate on one. So I am planning on using this box of books to get myself focused and ready to power on into the second half of the year! Until next time – have fun!