Stitch is celebrating for me I managed 30 posts in 30 days!!!! This month I have also almost completed the edit of Obi the Super Puppy and the Quest for the Last Laugh. In reading it to my girls I have decided to rewrite the last three chapters. My aim is to send it off to be edited in August. Looking good for that. I have also celebrated the release of The Homework Goblin and began planning my book launch. Can’t wait for that and there will be more blogs soon. Check out Friday’s post for the invitation if local. I have also submitted and entry to the Super hero Challenge. So much fun creating my characters and writing that flash fiction piece. I will be writing a story soon. What else, I have begun my charms flash fiction piece and continued my edit of my longer story. That is pretty good for a part-time writer… So lots of work still to do, but looking back is great. I realize how much I actually do in a week.

These blog challenges are also great for building a social media platform. I think I now have over 100 followers on this blog, 500 twitter followers and 260 on my author page. Each of my three published books also have a page, so that’s pretty good. I would love to sing out a big thank you to each and every one of you for supporting me. Especially to those who have bought any of my books (check the links to purchase). Another thankyou to the wonderful people who have taken the time to review my work and post that too. I am very proud to say all three of my books have four and five-star reviews! So what’s next… well give me a day or two to get organized and I will let you all know. Until then – have fun!