Today I thought I’d plug my other blog. Well in actual fact it’s a blog for other people, I just run it. My Stitch Says blog is set up for author interviews and reviews. I am happy to help promote other authors. In return I would like people to do the same for me, but that doesn’t always happen. Still check out my interviews and reviews at:


I named this blog after my little man Stitch. Simply because he’s my reading buddy. If I am reading a book Stitch is there. He lies on my feet. I can honestly say he loves it when I am reading a good book because I read for longer and he gets to stay on the bed!

I am opening up my Stitch Says blog for the rest of the year. I have a few spots booked, but there are some available. So if you would like an interview or a review (or both) email me at Ashley@ahowland.org or message me here. Would love to have some other reviews on my three books and interviews or guest posts too. I am also extending this to other bloggers out there. Let’s help each other I will happily post a positive and friendly guest blog on my Stitch Says site. So email me, let’s get busy promoting each other. Just to play a bit of the number game. All my social media are linked. So I reach about 1000 people with one post (obviously that’s across media and some are probably getting a double or triple whammy = special thanks to those!). So email me and let the fun begin.

Just as a note Stitch’s head would not fit in that chair anymore… still my Little Man though! Until tomorrow – have fun!