Ashley Howland
Yesterday I had a meeting at a local library to organize my book launch for The Homework Goblin.
I am lucky I have two amazing friends helping me organize this event and they set up the meeting. It was incredible. Here is a community library who are happy to give me their children’s space, equipment for the kids to do an activity and an hour of the room for nothing. They are going to advertise in all their local news and media, plus have arranged it to be straight after an event so there are already kids there. Truly wonderful. I am so excited. So all I need to do now is organize some invitations for local schools and teachers (which my friends are helping with). I find the whole published author thing a bit overwhelming. I am not one to talk up my work and I find self promotion really difficult. Any way to sit in a library and get spoken too like a real author was a first for me. Usually I get the “Oh you published a book?” then when they see the books it’s a bit more like “Oh you actually have books published?”

So I am going to do this book launch. I will do a reading and talk about why I wrote the book. I also am able to take my secret weapon… designed to make any child’s day… Yep Stitch is coming!!! He is after all in my author photo, although I can no longer carry him. he’s still beautiful.
Stitch Laughing
So I will be signing and selling all three of my books on the day as well. I also have some prizes for the kids. Any other suggestions? Would love to hear from other authors about their book launches… Until tomorrow – have fun!