Okay so wordpress changed over night… wow now I feel really out of it. I was already, but now I am in some twilight zone. Oh well will plod along. It’s not so much that I have lost my way it’s more that I would love some direction from here. I have just had my third children’s book published. I have also entered three flash fiction stories for various anthologies and am working on another. I have two drafts to edit. I am writing two more first drafts and have ideas spilling forth onto my laptop. So as an author I feel pretty good (especially since this is a hobby). I also have my other blog (Stitch Says – for interviews and reviews) going well and have a few interviews myself to work on. So lots to do. I guess I’m just still unsure about promoting my books. The problem is no one seems to comment when I do an actual promotion. Now I try really hard to share other people’s work, that’s why I started the second blog. It would be nice to have a few people do the same for me. I’m not complaining though, I just want to know what marketing or promotions actually work?
So I have a question for any other author out there,
Do giveaways actually help boost sales or are you just spending money in hope????

I am also planing a book launch here in my home city, can any one offer me some advice? What works well? What not to do???

Any suggestions would be great. Now it’s back to the writing board, after I’ve navigated the new wordpress. Until tomorrow – have fun!