Right it’s time to enter the CAFSC competition. Here is my female super heroes and their story:
Anthology – yes
Charity – really not sure (sorry)
Word count – 779

Name of female superhero:
Lightning Lilly and Princess Seea

Name of human alter ego, if different:
By day they are Lilly and Siena

Superhero Appearance (hair, eyes, body type, etc.):
Lightning Lilly – purple streaked hair, brown eyes, fit, long legs, athletic. She always has a cheeky smile on her face and does everything at super human speed.
Lightning Lilly
Princess Seea – light brown hair, with hot pink streaks. She has green eyes (piercing), a look that can control people. Princess Seea is small, but walks with an athletic swagger. She is super sneaky and always one step ahead of everyone else.

Human alter ego appearance (if she has an alter ego):
They are two normal girls, who love to go to school and be with their friends. Their super powers can sometimes lead them to trouble. Lighting Lilly is often told to stop rushing her work and she’s lost count of how many times she has received a pink slip for running. The problem is she thinks she is walking. Not to mention her quick talking.
Princess Seea is often accused of not paying attention. Yet she knows everything that is going on around her. She can see through walls, books and people.

They both wear black leggings for speed.
Lightning Lilly – purple top and a sparkly purple cape with lightning streaks that camouflage her when required. She also wears a purple mask and she has supersonic sneakers. They are the only shoes that can cope with her super speeds.
Princess Seea – hot pink top and mask. Her cape is the same as Lightning Lilly’s just a different colour (pink). She wears pink boots which can attach to Super Stitch’s harness for extra support when he flies really fast.

Lightning Lilly – She’s all about speed, if it can’t be done quickly it’s not worth doing. Lightning Lilly is a whirlwind of excitement. Everything is done at a million miles and hour. She talks, moves and acts like lightning. Her favourite sayings are “Race ya” and “In a flash”, she always says she is “Quick as a wink!”
Princess Seea – watches everything, she studies the world with her piercing eyes. Acts only when she needs to and then she can spin the world to her desires. She can often be found dancing and spinning around as if in her own world. Really she’s checking out things on different spectrums and looking through things. Princess Seea always knows what is going on, she can also see great distances. Her favourite saying is “See ya there!”

Brief description of how gets her powers (i.e. born with them, radioactive accident, mad scientist experiments on her, etc.):
They were born with their powers, it has taken time for them to realise what they can actually do. Both Lightning Lilly and Princess Seea are always improving and learning exactly how powerful they are. They are trained by Captain Obi – their watcher. He lives in the control room (cubby house) and reports any dangers to the girls.

Lightning Lilly can move, think and speak faster than anything in the universe. She’s supersonic!
Princess Seea has amazing vision, she has night vision and she can see the truth about people. Princess Seea always knows when someone is lying. She can also see through walls, books and into the far distance. If she wants to see it she can.
Princess Seea and Super Stitch

Anything else important:
Princess Seea has a sidekick – Super Stitch. He has a super powered jet harness that makes him fly. He’s also super fast so she can keep up with Lightning Lilly. He can carry Princess Seea on his back. Super Stitch also has a super powered nose; he can track anything, anywhere.
They are all led by Captain Obi, who monitors the world and lets them all know where there is trouble. Together they form the perfect super team.
This team is all about the rescue, not the glory. They always have their camera with them. They photograph and video the crooks in action and leave the evidence with the captured villains. They are also non violent super heroes. Lightning Lilly, Princess Seea and Super Stitch use their speed, senses (sight, smell) and their natural intelligences to fight crime!
Captain Obi

Lightning Lilly and Princess Seea and the Great Otter Rescue.
By Ashley Howland

“There’s a problem at the zoo,” said Captain Obi over the comlink, “Someone is trying to steal the baby otters.”
“Right we’re on our way,” said Lightning Lilly, as she signalled to her partner.
Princess Seea whistled to Super Stitch. The big goofy Labrador woke up and flapped his ears, ready to take flight. Meanwhile Lightning Lilly threw on her supersonic sneakers and they both spun into their super suits.
Princess Seea strapped the super powered jet harness, with a built-in super pack onto Stitch. Then she jumped on his broad back, hooking her shoes to the harness. Super Stitch flapped his ears to turn on the jet harness.
“Race ya,” giggled Lightning Lilly as she took off faster than lightning.
Princess Seea rolled her eyes.
“Fast,” she said to Stitch as he took off. The super girls and their trusty pup reached the zoo as quick as a wink.
“Sssh,” whispered Lightning Lilly.
Princess Seea glared at her partner, but kept silent. They were hiding in the walkway next to the hippopotamus enclosure. There was only a hedge and a wall separating them from the otters. The super heroes could hear scared whimpering coming from inside. Together they crept forward. The only light in the zoo came from a few scattered solar lights. They lowered themselves below the fence and took position.
There in the dark they could just make out the shapes of the enclosure. Everything was still, there were no otters in sight. Princess Seea used her night vision and looked deeper. In the far corner she could see one baby otter, crouching in fear. She beckoned to Lightning Lilly, who nodded and with a flash she entered the enclosure and retrieved the scared otter. She was back at Princess Seea’s side before your could say “otter”.
“What happened?” Princess Seea asked the scared little otter.
“Two huge, scary crocodiles broke into our night den. They snatched my brothers and sisters,” sobbed the little otter.
“Crocodiles?” questioned Princess Seea.
Stitch hung his head and the sound of the word. Princess Seea looked into the otter’s heart. She was telling the truth.
“What do you reckon?” asked Lightning Lilly.
“She’s truthful, but that’s only what she thinks she saw,” continued Princess Seea, “all we really know is the otters are gone.”
“Not for long,” said Lightning Lilly as the super girls looked around the zoo.
“Super Stitch to the rescue,” suggested Princess Seea as she patted his big head, “Stitch find!”
Super Stitch put his nose to the ground and sniffed. He quickly found the scent of the scared Otters and he pointed the way. Together they took off, Lightning Lilly paced herself with the dog. In no time they hear the shrill whistles of scared otters.
“Oh really,” said Princess Seea as she looked into the distance.
“What is it?” whispered Lightning Lilly.
Princess Seea, just shook her head and pointed. There ahead of them were two men wearing SCUBA suits that looked like crocodiles. They were a slimy green colour with scales and a crocodile head as a helmet.
“See the otter was telling the truth,” said Princess Seea.
The crocodile men were trying to load a van with some canvas bags. The bags were wriggling and squealing. The baby otters were clearly putting up a good fight. One otter was even half out of the bag. Princess Seea quickly pulled the instant camera out of the super pack and snapped some photos of the men. Lightning Lilly grabbed a rope and in a heartbeat she bolted towards the men. Princess Seea watched as Lightning Lilly ran rings around the men and tied them together.
Princess Seea turned to Super Stitch, “Fetch,”
Super Stitch ran out, dropped off the photos and grabbed the bags. Princess Seea climbed back on Super Stitch and they headed back to the zoo. Lightning Lilly was waiting for them at the otter enclosure.
“What took you so long?” she asked.
Princess Seea ignored her question, “did you report in to Captain Obi?”
“Of course, I had plenty of time,” laughed Lightning Lilly, “even called the police.”
“Good, they will find the photos and those crocodiles will get what they deserve,” said Princess Seea.
Super Stitch carefully opened the bags to release the baby otters. They chirped happily as they ran back to their enclosure. Lightning Lilly and Princess Seea were celebrating a job well done when they heard the comlnk.
“Quick, there’s a problem at the aquarium. The sea lions are in trouble,” said Obi.
“On our way,” said Princess Seea.
Lightning Lilly smiled, “Race ya!”

My girls had a lot to do with these characters and the story – hope you enjoyed it! Until tomorrow – have fun!