Just a quick one tonight – I am stuffed and in need of my PJs and a good movie! So today I took Stitch, Tug and Rory to play with twenty-four year one students. This of course ment 7 – 8 kids per dog. Well my boys had a great time, as did all the kids. These dogs can actually respond to multiple commands at the same time. They can also be fed by multiple little hands at the same time. Stitch also demonstrated for me, he counted (barked the correct number), found the hiding child, shook hands, rolled over, got my keys (eventually) and had a lot of fun doing it! It is days like these that I really just get to appreciate my job. These kids all had a great time. You can not underestimate the effect of playing with a well-trained and socialized dog for kids (or adults). It was short, simple and enjoyed by all. Now I think I will join Stitch and cuddle up for that movie.

I am hoping to post and enter my super hero piece tomorrow – so watch this space. Until then – have fun!