I know I blog about my dogs a bit, but they are completely amazing. Today I spent the day with about twenty teenagers and five dogs. Now the teens they come for a session and then go, but the dogs and I stay all day! We don’t even get a lunch break because all the kids come and see the dogs. So it’s pretty full on. I look at the kids and seriously I don’t remember life being that hard when I was a teenager. so I have a question? Is it just the change in the world or are the teenagers today different to what we were? To be fair the reason I am working with these teens is because they are at risk of dropping out. So it’s fair to say (I hope) most of them are not your average teen. Still there are a lot of them. My dogs, just keep going and going and going. Always with a smile on their face (particularly Stitch). They cope with the noise, lack of focus and hissy fits. Most of the time they have more patience than me, I try, but I am no match for the ever patient Labrador. It’s a long and very tiring day. The only way I can revive is to head to combat for the night and sweat it out. As for the dogs, well they have some pretty good puppy dreams. Still tomorrow they will be raring to go once again. Pretty amazing! Until tomorrow – have fun!