When I began this writing adventure I never thought I’d need to learn how to draw. Then of course my first manuscript – Ghostnapped came back and the question was asked: Are there any illustrations?
Okay so Ghostnapped is a novel and while it didn’t really need illustrations I thought that would be cool. I asked for a quote. Well needless to say I’m learning to draw. Now to all you wonderful illustrators out there I mean no disrespect. Of course you should be paid to illustrate books. It’s just this writing thing is a hobby and I can not afford to actually pay someone to illustrate.
My second book was easier. Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist is about my boy Obi. I naturally have a million photos of the old boy. The only trouble here was choosing the right ones.
S/W Ver: 96.66.76A
Then of course came The Homework Goblin which needed illustrations. I enlisted the support of my two girls (then 5 and 4) and we managed to get some okay illustrations. So I was happy with that.
The girls have got the hang of this story thing that mum does. They order stories, actually they order series of stories. They also want to see illustrations. So I am learning to draw. Last night I did some sketches for my girl super hero flash fiction, which I am pretty happy with. I will put these up with my entry (hopefully by the end of the week).
I must admit while learning to draw is fun it is also time-consuming. Still for me to write the books I want to write they need to be illustrated. So either I need to sell enough copies I can afford one of you wonderful illustrators or I need to keep practicing. While I’d love the first one, I think I’d better get drawing. Would love some advice about learning to draw… Until tomorrow – have fun!