Today was a public holiday (can I hear a shout out – hooray!). I know lots of people will tell me I only work part-time, but the difference was today not only did I get a day off work. I got a day with the kids! During the week and on the weekend life is hectic with school, kindy, sport and homework. It’s not as if we don’t have fun together, but it’s just nice to get a day when we actually have nothing planed! So we had a great day. I managed to get to the gym, we all went for a bike ride and the dogs came too! Stitch had fun chasing the kids on the bikes. He loves to run. Then it was home for some craft fun. Well that was the idea until my six-year-old pulled out the sock zebra kit.


I can do many things, but sewing has never been a strong point. Still the crazy sock zebra is in one piece and the six-year-old is happy!

What’s even better is the bike ride wore everyone out. So I now have a quiet house in which I can write and edit. Tonight I am working on my Super hero piece, which I hope to have posted by the end of the week. I edited it last night, so I am close! Then I can focus on my chapter book – Obi the Super Puppy and the Quest for the Last Laugh. So much to do and for once plenty of time. Until tomorrow – have fun!