Yeah it’s the long weekend! The Queen’s birthday apparently, not sure if it really is, but we get a day off work and school. As much as I enjoy my job it is nice to get some extra time with the girls during the term. That way we don’t have to cram quite as much into the short school holidays. So what are we doing?
A compulsory trip to the Zoo. The girls have ordered Tomato (Monarto) zoo because they like going on the bus. We will also choose an animal for their scrap books. They take their cameras and take lots of pictures. I take pictures behind them, just in case they don’t work out so good. While they are getting better it is still better to get home with some decent ones.
Next is of course still swimming lessons, doing the double because next weekend is Disney on Ice. Then I’m sure there is a birthday party, there usually is. Finally we will get a day at home. Assuming the weather is nice we might go on a bike ride. No more training wheels in this house, so the girls love doing that. If the winter weather sets in then it’s story time. The girls can help me finish off my flash fiction pieces and we may even do some illustrations for my next book!
Looking forward to spending the time with my girls. Will of course still blog each day – until tomorrow – have fun!