Editing, arrrrrgggggh well okay it’s not that bad. It’s just one of those things. You have to do it and it takes time. it also makes you cringe a bit because sometimes its a like reading rubbish. Having said that it also works the other way. I began an edit on one of my manuscripts and then handed it over to my husband. I proudly told him it read like a real author had written it! He then proceeded to tell me I was a real author. I guess now I have my third book published I can probably call myself that. It’s just that in my mind and author is someone who writes for a living. It’s just a hobby to me and as much as I would love a best seller and a retirement. I don’t actually think I would take it. Any way that’s a whole different blog. We were talking about editing. So I have tried a few things over the last few manuscripts. I always get my book assessed by another author at some point. I also have some people who will read my manuscripts. My husband is one, but we tend to argue about it. My “Little Sister” is another. She’s great and has a natural flair for grammatical errors. Really my writing must be a field day for her. She also writes a bit, so we can swap. I have even in the past done whole re writes. This is good if the idea is there, but the story just isn’t working.

Recently I tried something new. I drew up a timeline for a story and plotted each chapter. Just a few dot points (I am the Queen of dot point planning). Then I put that on the table while I was editing. That way I could weed out any inconsistencies. Did it work? Well I haven’t finished, but it was certainly helping.

So over June I have pledged with my fellow chapter book challengers (ChaBooCha) to edit my chapter book. Obi the Super Puppy and the Quest for the Last Laugh will get a complete going over.
I actually started today. Managed a whole five minutes so far. Still the night is young. You never know I might get it done this month! So does any one have any other editing tips, challenges or advice? I would love to hear. Until tomorrow – have fun!