Back in another life (seems so anyway) I was a teacher at a primary school. I just loved hearing all the excuses for not doing homework. Quite often I was disappointed with the lack of imagination though. How many times can one dog eat homework? I did suggest that if you didn’t leave it in his bowl it would probably not get eaten. None of my labradors would bother eating homework. They will go through your bag and destroy the evidence of an uneaten lunch if you are lucky! Still have to laugh my year twelve physical education teacher had to ask half the class to resubmit a major assignment because her dog ate them. Seriously she was never going to live that one down. Any way I often told my students if you are going to tell a tale, make it a good one. My example was always The Homework Goblin stole it. Of course this was then followed by an adventurous tale of how I tried to get it back. So in the end I wrote my story!

Jason finishes his homework on time, for the first time. He leaves it on his desk, despite his older sister telling him that the Homework Goblin will steal it. Who listens to their older sister? Well Jason should have, because that is exactly what happened. He chases the Homework Goblin out of his window and into a huge adventure. Will he get his homework back?

Chapter 2

This is the first story I have illustrated and I’m pretty happy with how they came up. My two girls helped me, the picture above is actually one of their hands! It was also of fun.

Today’s wordcount blog theme was my favourite app. I use a few, anything that is quick easy and will help me keep organised is always a favourite. However as I am now writing more chapter books like The Homework Goblin (although slightly longer) I would love an app that would actually teach me how to draw. Preferably in my sleep as it appears that is the only time I have left! Can anyone make that app? Until tomorrow – have fun!