Okay so above is my car on the way to work today. Yep I crammed Big Rigger, Rory (the puppy, ha look how big he is), tug (at the back) and my boy Stitch int he back. People ask how they fit? Well it’s simple they push ans shove until they find their place and then they sit and enjoy the ride. Really I’m sure they’d let a few more in (not that I would do that). All my dogs (not all personal dogs) love going to work. So much that leaving with only Rigger last night was near impossible. Mack was guarding the door. Thorn and Trinity were lying in front of me. Flirt was nipping at my heels and Echo was whining at me. It’s nice to be loved!!!!!


Would like to mention that the little pup in this car is Rory – how quickly that has changed. My boy Obi is also in this one!

All these dogs will appear in my stories at some time or another. Rigger and Stitch are in the sequel to Obi the Super Puppy, which is my editing challenge. So I need to get on to that! So what do you put in your boot????

Until tomorrow – have fun!