My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

Here we go, another blog challenge. Very excited. I love doing these, makes me focus on blogging and it’s great to read what everyone else is blogging about. However this month I am going to give myself a further challenge. In march I wrote the first draft of a chapter book for the chapter book challenge (Chaboocha). So this month I am going to edit it. It has sat for a while and been read by a few people. I am fresh and have some ideas about what needs to be fixed. It is my hope that at the end of June I will be able to send it off for a final edit and then work out when I can submit it to my publisher! Pretty exciting. This book is actually the sequel to my second children’s book – Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist. I am really keen to get the second one published because the first has been enjoyed by many. It is also special to me because it’s about my boy Obi. The second also brings in my not so small puppy Stitch. I love writing about these two amazing boys. Lots of fun to be had.

Obi waves goodbye, Little Man Stitch watching his big pal!

Obi waves goodbye, Little Man Stitch watching his big pal!

I am also hoping during this challenge to launch my third children’s book – The Homework Goblin. This has been through the final revision and the print proof has been approved. I am now awaiting the go and then will be hosting a book launch and right here – a virtual book launch. Giveaways and the lot, so watch this space.

Looking forward to finding out who else is in this challenge, will be reading some later. Until tomorrow – have fun!