Ashley Howland

Today I watched my big boof head puppy – Stitch weave some magic. He had already worked two sessions, which involved him running around the oval, doing countless obedience tasks and even playing ball. Then the final session began. Now this session is for the students from the Special Education class, so it’s shorter, but can be much more tiring for the dogs. Stitch is “trained” (actually he trains her, but that’s beside the point) by a very energetic young girl. Today she was enjoying the sound of her own voice. In an hour she must have said Stitch’s name at least a thousand times, told him to sit about one hundred times, pulled him around, pushed him around, repeated every command more than I would have thought humanly possible and in general was a lot to take. Yet take it Stitch did! In fact he did more than that. He worked for her, doing everything she said, all with a big goofy smile on his face. Every now and then he would glance at me. I could see the absolute exhaustion in his eyes, but he never gave up. Stitch, an almost three-year old labrador was going to keep going simply because that’s what was required of him. He will sleep well tonight.
When I got home I was spent too. My Thursday’s are really difficult, ask any one who has filled in for me. It’s just plain exhausting. Still I decided to take a lesson from my boy. I strapped on the sneakers and headed out to combat. Now I won’t say I smashed it, but I did work up and old fashion sweat! Now I feel physically exhausted, but my mind has been refreshed and I may actually get some editing done tonight. All thanks to my special boy! I am so lucky to have Stitch, Obi and of course all the other amazing Labs in my life. Sometimes I think it is important to step back and look at life from someone else’s point of view. Often the best lessons in life come from the simplest things. Until next time – have fun!