Okay so I have decided I will host my very first book launch. Only took my third book to get my act together. Still it will be fun, I even got some friends willing to help me! Very excited. I will also double up and run a blog book launch as well. This will happen in the next month or so and will include a giveaway. So watch this space.
I am trying to get myself organised so very glad to have some help and support. It’s funny when you take on something like this. The people who support the most are often the people you almost least expect. I say almost because they are still friends, but I guess it’s just funny how some people are more willing to support than others. Still I am grateful to have the support of my friends.

On another note today I heard from a nine-year old girl that they stayed up past their bedtime to finish reading Ghostnapped – because it was really good. Now I could get all the five-star reviews in the world, but that statement alone means more to me than anything. She’s not the first to tell me that either. To hear from the kids makes it all worth while. It is and will always be the kids I write for.
So thank you to all for your support. I would love to have some advice about running book launches and blog launches, any help would be great! Until next time – have fun!