So I just signed myself up for another flash fiction challenge. As well as the June blogathon. So that means I have two flash fiction pieces to write (one by the end of June and one by October). That doesn’t sound like much. However flash fiction or short stories are often the hardest to write. I prefer chapter books, but I think these challenges will improve me as an author. Not to mention getting my name out there more often. The more I can get myself published the better for my writing hobby. Notice I said hobby, not career. Sometimes I wish I could just write all the time, but then I also don’t think I would have enough ideas. It’s funny how not having enough time is probably essential to any writing success I may have.

I am looking forward to the blogathon, it’s fun to focus on blogging. Although I need to get cracking with my Stitch Says blog as well. I have a list of interviews and reviews to post. I also have more coming in, which is great if people are patient. I will get there – I promise. So it’s blog central here for a while.

Still need to get some editing done to and not to mention the chapter books I have started. Oh well it pays to be busy! So what are you all doing in this world and is there such a thing as too much? I would love to hear from some other authors!!! Until next time – have fun!