My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

Don’t you love when an idea hits you. Of course it’s usually when you can’t get to record it. How horrible is that? So what do you do?

I have a few techniques, that sort of work. The first is to try to repeat it over and over again. This works if you are in the car or at the gym. Not so good if I am working. I try to get my phone out and use sticky notes, just to quickly get the idea down. That can work, if I get the time to do that. I also try to carry a note pad and pen, that way I can write notes if I need to! My daughter recently decided to help me, she bought me a note pad. This was sweet. ALthough she did tell me it was so I could write more stories for her. Both my girls have a list of stories I need to write. Which is great, never short of an idea. Wish I had more time and of course I may need more note books later. Until next time – have fun!