Writing tip number 1:
In order to write you must read! It’s essential. Reading is the blood of writing. If you as a writer can not find the time to read then do you really think others will find the time to read your books? i guess it’s not completely like that. Still reading is what can improve you as a writer, give you new material, new contacts and even cure the dreaded writer’s block! So what do you read? Anything and everything. Just don’t be afraid to stop reading something if it isn’t working for you. It’s not a personal reflection on an author. That particular book just isn’t your thing. So don’t waste your time. Find something else. Read widely. Find independent authors, well-known authors, new authors and read some classics. I know it takes time, but it is worth it. The other thing is to make sure you read books similar to what you want to write. So I love writing children’s chapter books. That’s also what I love to read. Here is the link to my listmania for my favourites:


You might know some of these books.

So how do you find the time to read? Well if you have kids then it;s easy. Story time before bed! You pick a book and read it to them. Lots of fun and you get to enjoy it from their point of view. Which is really important if you are writing for children. Also make the time to give yourself half an hour each night before going to bed. There is nothing quite like getting under the covers with a good book! Lastly if none of that works. Take a hot bubble bath and read (just don’t drop your book!). Thinking I might go and do that now! Until next time – have fun!