My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

So yesterday I approved The Homework Goblin! Which means I will be able to launch it very soon. Will do a blog launch, with some giveaways. Just working out the details now. This is new territory for me, so will have to work a few things out.

That’s not all I have been doing though. I recently submitted two flash fiction fairy tales for the Chapter Book Challenge Anthology. This is in the process of being edited for publishing. So I can soon include that in my published list too – very exciting.
Chapter Book Challenge 2013 200x150
I am also editing my next two novels – hoping to have both ready for professional editing by the middle of the year. I am looking at trying to get those published next year (2014 could be a big year for me!)

I am also putting together a plan for the November NaNoWriMo. I have a story that I started way back, but never really did much with that would be perfect for a rewrite.

Recently I signed up for another blogging challenge in the month of June – which will coincide with the launch of The Homework Goblin, so I might do the giveaway at the end of the month, just because I can!

Then there’s my next series that I have started. The aim is to complete the draft of book one this year and do the sequel in the Chapter Book Challenge in 2014! I am also thinking about doing the 12 month challenge for some more flash fiction in 2014. That way I could publish my own anthology at some stage.

All that and I haven’t mentioned the super hero flash fiction competition that I will be entering! So I am definitely challenging myself. Lots to do!

What I have learnt over the last twelve months is that I respond well to challenges (actually I’ve always known that, just didn’t realise it worked for writing too!). I have also learnt that although I am ridiculously busy I do have the time to write, if I am sensible and make the effort. It’s funny I recently had an encounter with someone who was busy telling me they couldn’t help because they were too busy. So I was left to do it all myself. Now I have to laugh, while I just put in my efforts and focused on what I was doing they sat by themselves doing nothing. It seems a bit strange to me. Have to love how they made the assumption that because I was willing to put in my time that I had nothing better to do!!!! Not the case, it’s just that I felt it was important to add in that one more challenge. So that’s what I do… until next time – have fun!