My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

Finally it’s here. My first copy of The Homework Goblin arrived in the post today!!!! Soooooooo excited. It’s amazing, this is my third published children’s book, but it still gives me chills to see my name ont he front cover. All I have to do now is check it and then email off my approval. Then finally i can launch my book. I am thinking about som sort of blog launch. I’ve never really done one before, so not quite sure how I will do this. Would love to have a competition of sorts. Any suggestions?

I am also keen for some extra help marketing my new book, so if I’ve had you on my Stitch Says blog for a review or an interview or you can just help me out that would be great. For now though I need to get checking. The sooner I can approve, the sooner people can start reading! Until next time – have fun!