My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

I often get asked what inspires me to write. Well it’s pretty simple for me. I have two imaginative daughters, two fantastic labradors and a whole host of great friends (kids and dogs included). I also have two little sisters (although not by blood, they are my family!). All this combines to make my life interesting. So much that even a simple drive to school can be an adventure. We go past the Witch house, the giant frog and the troll bridge all before we get to school. So my girls sit in the back and make up stories as we go.

My dogs also give me plenty of material. They are clowns and so smart.

I also get inspired by reading. Fortunately my girls love books (that probably won’t surprise). Which means I get to read and listen to them read an amazing collection of stories. Some better than others. The key i believe is to read a variety and introduce your kids to a variety. My girls get a combination of picture books, chapter books, non fiction and all types of genres. It’s about mixing it up and having fun. They of course have their favourites, but they are always happy to have a new book.

So what inspired me before all that?
It’s hard to say. As a kid I always enjoyed reading. I had a great library at home and borrowed from the school. I also enjoyed writing, but it wasn’t until much later that I actually thought about becoming an author. That’s a whole different blog.

My favourite author was and will always be Roald Dahl. The man was a genius. I love every one of his books and love reading them to my girls. So he definitely inspired me to write and to read! He created magic from words. While i would never ever believe I am anywhere near that calibre. I hope I too can create some magic for my reader! After all that is what inspired me! To see more of my inspirations check out my pinterst board:
Until next time – have fun!