Okay so technically there isn’t a dog for U. However I always thought either Utah or Ulysses would make good dog names. As for training we can teach our dogs to go under or to come up. They love up because they get cuddles!

Letter V is for Stitch’s great-grandmother – Solo Voyager. We knew her as Cottie and a whole host of other names that I will not pup on my blog…. Seriously she left this world too early. Cottie was full of life and an amazing dog. She worked as a search and rescue dog and would go all day. Her legacy lives on in her pups, who we will cherish forever!
V is for one of our dog’s all time easiest commands – Visit. This means the dogs prest their head on your lap. If you’ve ever had a lab you’ll know they rarely need this command!

W is for Winston – who is Mack’s brother. He’s a big yellow boy. It is also for Stitch’s last brother – Wizard!

As for training well there’s wait, wag, weave and watch!
Will wrap up the A-Z dog blog tomorrow! Until then – have fun!