Letter T is for Tug, Tanna, Tasia, Thorn and Trinity (in order of photo)! It is also for Tramp and Thatcher!
Tug is Stitch’s brother, he’s ready to be placed as a companion dog. Tug is really in tune with children and will be amazing once placed. We love our Tug Star!
Tanna is Stitch’s niece – she’s a sweet little thing, but can also be an escape artist!
Tasia is Stitch’s sister. She had pups last year and they were all as beautiful as their mother.
Thorn is a boof head who just turned one, he and Stitch love to play.
Trinity is one of our older girls – she’s also the love of Obi’s life!
Tramp is Stitch’s other brother – he’s just been placed as a companion dog and is doing beautifully!

As for dog training well we can teach our dogs to take! They love that because it’s usually food related. They can also learn to touch, tug, turn, teeth (show teeth for the show ring) and trot. Until next time – have fun.