Letter I is for Indiana Jones – who is no longer with us, but will always be in our hearts. He was an amazing dog, lots of fun and very smart. Indy taught Obi how to dig for clues, follow a scent and a few other crazy things. We will always love Indy.

It is also for Indigo – our Labs ‘n Life brood girl.
Indigo 1
She’s Cobalt, Rory and Amy’s mum.

I is also for Ivee (another brood girl – puppies later in the year), Ice and her mother Indus.
I could fill a whole blog about Indus. She’s nine and a half now and loves to put all the boys in their place. For some reason she loves Stitch and lets him play tag with her. It’s very cute. She also loves her food. She even leaves out the boxes after finishing so you know what to buy her next time!!!!

As for training commands, well there isn’t too many with I. However they love to be told – that’s IT! Until next time – have fun!