Letter D: Well D is for dog, but in our lives D is for Daintree – our dainty little future companion dog. She’s a beautiful girl, who will make a huge difference to a family in the future.
There’s Dekka – Stitch’s mum, I love Dekka. She’s lots of fun and has produced beautiful pups and of course my big boof head.
There’s Dukee one of our first companion dogs – who is just plain amazing. He was fun to train and has blown us all away with how incredible he is!!!

There’s also Diego – our crazy chocolate boy, who has a big booming bark. He just loves to talk!!!

We love the D commands too. There’s drop, dress (for putting on the harness) and dig! Obi loves the last one – he dug our storm water!!!!

On a not dog topic I have finally approved the front cover of The Homework Goblin. I will be launching my third book soon. So watch this space!
Until next time – have fun!