B is for Baxter, Buddy, Blair, Balou, Bramble, Bella, Black Bella, and Biddy

S/W Ver: 96.66.76A

S/W Ver: 96.66.76A

Bella (2)



I could write a lifetime of stories about Bella, she is Stitch’s grandmother and loves to cause mischief. She gets away with it because she’s Bella. She has hitched rides on buses, let her self into the car with her toys to sleep the night, opened the fridge and eaten all the chicken necks (leaving anything that isn’t for her) and so many other crazy things. Bella is one smart girl, who makes life for residents at a nursing home a constant adventure. We all love hearing another Bella story.
As for the boys they are all a lot of fun. Then of course there is little Bramble who often gets called scramble. All together I’d say the B dogs are pretty good!

Right so onto B commands. Well you can teach your dog to beg, go to bed, go behind and go back! Lots of B stuff, will have to see if we can top that with the C Crew…. until then – have fun!