So having passed my 200th blog I thought I’d have some fun and start my own A-Z blog. About the one thing I know really well – Labradors!!!!

I have often joked my girls have learnt the alphabet by the names of all the random extra labradors that visit our home, so let’s see how far I can get.

Letter A!
A is for Aggie
aggie W3T1
Our Labs ‘n Life girls who has had a second litter of 10 beautiful pups.

A is for Ada – one of our little girls, it is also for Ace!!!!
A is also for Amy:
Amy will be a companion dog after a litter of puppies. We have a wonderful volunteer trying to raise the $25 000 needed for her before she gets placed!!!

As for commands that start with A well there is the Anchor and if we really stretch the imagination we can classify “Atta boy / girl” as a command as well.
Looking forward to introducing a whole host of B dogs next time. Until then, have fun!!!!