I love reading books with my girls. We have done it since the day they were born. No matter how hard the day has been we all lie on a couch and read a few books. We are often joined by Obi and Stitch too. Our boys love to hear stories.

It’s funny to sit back and see how story time has changed of over the last six years. Let’s see how good my memory is:
1. I just randomly picked picture books and read (three a night)
2. Then I started to read one they knew well (initially it was the rhythm or a picture), one they had heard before and a new one.
3. They started to pick one and I chose the other two – did result in reading Dinosaur Rumpus a lot!!!!!
4. They picked one each and I picked the third.
5. They picked two each – I had no say.
6. Then my big kid started to read one and pick one, the little one still picked two.
7. Then of course they each decided to read one and pick one.
8. Now the big kid reads a few pages from her chapter book, the little one reads a reader, they each pick one and I read from the chapter book I have chosen.
9. They have a pile of chapter books for me to get through.
10. They have somehow managed to scramble in a final story time each in bed before going to sleep – this means they get their own chapter book read.

Love that they steal extra story time. We also have school readers to read, so there is lots of reading in our house and none of it is forced. They love story time! What I have enjoyed is choosing some of my favourites from my past, which now extends to chapter books. I have just finished reading The BFG – I love Roald Dahl. The girls enjoyed that one. So the other night I started Alice in Wonderland. We got up to the point where Alice meets the talking caterpillar. My little one pipes up “If a caterpillar spoke to me I’d listen!” “Why?” I ask as I have spent the day repeating myself because they don’t listen to me. The response “Cause it would have to be saying something really important!” Mmmmmm so either I have nothing important to say or I need to find a talking caterpillar!!!!

Still that’s why they are kids. Would love to hear some story time tales…until next time – have fun!