This picture reflects exactly how I feel right about now – this random hot weather is not helping at all!

Okay so I’m a mum with two highly active girls. I also work in schools with at risk youth and Labrador Retrievers. I sometimes think I spend most of every day talking to myself. It’s the first sign of insanity – apparently. Then I get to my hobby. I’m and author. So that means I spend any spare time talking to myself. That’s how I write. Mostly this talking occurs in my head. Unlike the other talking. Also when I write and talk in my head I actually get answers. So maybe it’s not really talking to myself. It’s more like having a conversation. At the start of a book that’s what happens anyway. I ask questions and I answer them. My characters and settings slowly come to life and then I write. I have been told that answering yourself is indeed the second sign of insanity. Not really sure if I’ve heard of a third. Probably people start to back away by then. Still I’m sure I’m not alone.

So how do I deal with this onset of insanity and all the never heard words? Well that’s pretty simple. I write. When I haven’t got time or the ideas are not coming then I blog. So this is it…. the results of my insanity. Amazingly I think most of my blogs make some sort of sense. So maybe I’m not completely insane. Or I am, but I really don’t care!

I have spent the day looking for new books to review and hopefully to find some authors to review my books. I have more social media stuff to get my head around later, but needed a break. I tell you if talking to myself is not a sign of insanity I honestly think social media is!!!! Well at least until you get your head around it. Which at the moment I am not – with the new stuff anyway. The problem with technology is that it listens to exactly what you say…. Not something I am used too. Most of my words go completely ignored, or have at the very least to be repeated three times. So when I try to do something on the computer I naturally allow for this type of feedback. Of course that doesn’t happen, the machine goes off and did exactly what I told it, which was completely wrong. Then you have to try to fix it!!!! Maybe it’s best my kids don’t listen… Better get my head back in the game. I do have one question for any tech savvy authors out there though:
If you have a personal Amazon account, which you have your eReader hooked too, can you join that to your author account, so that all the books can be downloaded on the same device???? Any help would be fantastic. Until next time – have fun!