My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

Footy is back tonight!!!! For all my American friends that’s Aussie rules. Which is great, my team is even on opening night. Of course according to all my friends here in Adelaide I go for the wrong team. Okay they are Melbourne based, but I have always and will always be a Bomber girl. I like to keep quiet when they are in town, that is unless they win!!! No not really, I’m a pretty quiet fan, I just enjoy watching a good game. So hopefully the Bombers put on a good contest tonight and kick the season off well.

Personally it’s been one of those weeks. People talking about me, but forgetting that it’s actually best if you speak to me! I hate hearing things second or third hand. I also find it had when people make assumptions. I do lots of extra things each week, that’s who I am. That doesn’t mean I am going to plan extra things. However people think you will, just because you do. If that makes sense.

I had a friend (my “little sister”) read my manuscripts this week. Which is great because she does and excellent job editing and is always honest about what is working and what is not. So I will have some fantastic feedback going into next week. I am also selling my books at a fair this weekend, so will let you know how I go. Must get on with things, cupcakes to make for the fair and a few loose ends to tie up. Until next time – have fun!