What if you could create your very own Facebook? A social networking site that you run, based on your interests and whose members must abide by your vision, goals, and rules? Guess what, WABCers – you can do just that through Ning.com! I know – it’s crazy. Here we’ve spent the last 12 days talking about other social media platforms, and now your kooky leader is bringing up the idea of hosting your own network. There are drawbacks to be sure. T-I-M-E being chief among them. But if you have a special interest and haven’t found the perfect social site yet, Ning offers you the mechanism by which to create your very own social network. Ning has other benefits, though – chief among them being numerous sites on all sorts of topics that may attract your target readers. Are there any circumstances under which you could see yourself creating your own social network? Take a spin around the Ning Directory (http://ningdirectory.blogspot.com/) just to see what else is out there. Much like blogs, you’ll find half-abandoned Ning sites (ahem … I have one of those) and thriving sites. Are you inspired? Could you find time to visit one or two in your genre just to see if hanging out might be worthwhile? And by all means, if you already have a Ning site, share the link with us!

Wow create my own social media…well get me some really think black glasses, triple my IQ oh and yeah give me nothing else to do… Still wouldn’t actually come up with anything. I’m not even sure I know how to use social media properly, let alone make my own. So here’s how it would have to be:
1. Free – I have children and dogs, no spare money (spare money….. is that even possible?)
2. Quick – I have no spare time, see number one!!!
3. Simple – I just don’t get some of the explanations for how to set up stuff in social media (K.I.S.S – Keep it simple stupid)
4. Use every day language – not words like gig, widget, etc, just simple terms like picture, size etc
5. I’d say predict what I want to do – however I hate the predictive text on the phone, it doesn’t actually predict what I want to say very well (maybe I’m not normal – that’s probably why I write)
6. automatically set up and link every other social media there is out there with the click of one button.
7. automatically connect me with people who want to buy my books – better yet, buy my books for them (must be some way of doing that)
8. Look good and simple – I have a very small artistic eye, so would need to do it for me.
9. Would also be a bonus if somehow it could clean my house, make healthy dinners, wash, iron clothes and possibly wash the dogs???
10. Am I asking too much, because if it could also write my student reports, fill up my car and make me lots of money then I’d be happy……

Mmmm any suggestions – will ning do that all? I think not. Still I had a quick look, I don’t like spending money. my husband has done my web page: http://ahowland.org/ I do everything else. Have all my media linked. I am slowly learning how to use them. From doing this challenge I am now on Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/ashleyhowland42/ and I now have an amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Ashley-Howland/e/B00BQA4XRO which is partially active – it is yet to show Ghostnapped, but I think I have linked twitter and this blog. Also linked my Stitch Says Blog so any authors who want interviews and reviews can see their posts there too. I think that’s pretty good do far for March!!!

I titled my blog ning nang nong, it’s the name of a silly song my girls sing… I’m pretty sure my social media site would need a silly name…. Will have to come up with one, any suggestions? I have my mascot though:
Ahh the things my girls do to Stitch…
Until tomorrow – have fun!