Alright it’s official my brain can take no more information…. well that’s how it feels the 39 degree (celsius) heat probably has something to do with that. It’s been over 30 for the last nine days and not the normal South Australian baking dry heat. It’s been more of a Queensland sticky humid heat. Which basically means you never feel refreshed! The cool change is due at some point tonight… Hopefully! My brain may then return to its normal state.

Today’s prompt was about social bookmarking and tagging. Now I get a bit of this. I now tag my blogs and I can use the # tags on twitter. That is about my limitations in this area. So far this month I have learnt that I only know a fraction of how to manipulate social media. I have a lot of work to do, which will require my brain to unmelt! I also need time to digest these things. I am not the most organised person and now think I have almost as many marketing notes and story ideas. I would much prefer to write. However there is no actual point in writing if no one reads your work. That bit I’ve learnt! So I guess I will need to find some time to put all my notes together and come up with a plan. I will be dedicating the second half of march to doing just that. Of course I will also be completing my Chapter Book Challenge and looking forward to the publishing of The Homework Goblin.

Now it’s off to make lunches and look forward to a much cooler day tomorrow – until then have fun!!!