Wow we’re up to prompt number 10. Goodreads!!!! Yep I’m there – Ashley Howland. I have to admit I haven’t done much more than add books and join a few groups. When I have done reviews for my Stitch Says blog I have posted them on to Goodreads as well. However the recent webinar I did was all about amazon and goodreads. So I will be doing more on both. I can see the value. Basically I need to be more active in groups and also with reviews. I am happy to interview and review any author, particularly children’s authors because that’s what I write. This will be part of my plan for the year. Once this challenge is complete I will revisit my marketing plan with a wealth of extra knowledge. Which is why such challenges are good ideas. I have connected with some people on Goodreads and will do so with more in the next few weeks, so come and join me!

I will also catch up on my blog reading tonight. I haven’t forgotten you all, getting there. It’s been a massive long weekend and a stinky, sweaty hot one too!!!! Yuck, you know the whole feeling of having a shower, trying to dry yourself off, only to start sweating instantly. Yep it’s been one of those, pretty sure any other bloggers from anywhere in Australia at the moment know exactly what I am talking about. Cool change due thursday, as much as I love summer, enough already… Bring it on!

Despite the heat we went to the zoo yesterday, lots of fun. I am now writing two picture books with my girls – Crazy the Cheetah for the little one and Racy the Rhino for the big one. While I have lots of things to do I write because of my kids, so I would never say no to writing with them.They are also doing scrap-book pages, this time its the painted dogs and the lions, check out the shots we got yesterday!!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Must get on with it, they haven’t learnt patience yet!!! Until tomorrow – have fun!