Today’s prompt was about foursquare. I think I have an account, but never use it. I don’t like the idea of people knowing where I am all the time. So I’m not convinced this is of any use to me as an author or just in general. Will be interested to read other people’s takes.

Onwards. I spent the better part of this afternoon building a vet clinic out of Lego. It is so cool. Three is a consult table complete with light,
X-Ray machine, fish tank, all the equipment, horse stable and a cart o carry the injured dog. Which of course my 6-year-old vet diagnosed and fixed in an instant. Speaking of which I got woken up this morning by said 6-year-old vet in her vet outfit…. soooooo cute!! Back to Lego. Now my daughter probably spent a few hours sitting and building a smaller kit, she also helped little sister build a Lego car. They then got out their road maps and drove the cars around. Yep my two girls were following diagrams, working together and building for most of the afternoon. They did fight over it and argue, but that’s all part of growing up. My girls are very active and rarely spend longer than 20mins doing any one activity without me helping. While I did help build the vet clinic I really did not have to do very much. There was a whole book of directions and my daughter could have built it, but she was too keen to play. I love helping anyway so it was fun.
I guess what I am getting at here is that Lego is cool. Which is why I am really happy there is now a girl’s range. While I still would have bought the animal or smurf Lego for my girls it’s nice to have things like vet clinics to build. Why not???? Over the holidays there was lots of talk that Lego is a boys toy and they shouldn’t have made a girls range. What a load of rubbish!!! The good people at Lego have just managed to make themselves a packet load of money by now having products at appeal to everyone. what’s more important is the skills that Lego develops are critical for boys and girls. I hate hearing all this boys are good at this, girls are good at this, boys are harder than girls, boys are more active… My girls can outstrip most boys for energy levels, yet can also write page long stories (even if they are about sheep getting their heads cut off). Basically what I am getting at is that kids are all different, all hard work and should be treated as individuals. Still that’s enough ranting for one day. I’m off to play with my two vets, see if I can get Obi or Stitch fixed up…
This is why we bought the Lego vet clinic….. Poor Stitch, was all in good fun and great for learning about looking after your pets!
Until tomorrow – have fun!