Stitch loves a party

Okay so today’s prompt was about Google+ I actually think I have an account. I have never used it and have absolutely no idea about it. I am looking forward to reading all the other posts so I can learn. That’s not my post though, just thought I’d address the prompt. I actually spent last night, while there was no post watching a webinar by my publishing company. I have learnt a lot in the last 24 hours and once I have time to digest it all will share. I am looking forward to using social media to network and promote more effectively!!!!

Okay today is the 8th of March (here in Aus!) it’s my daughters 6th birthday….. Super excitement. I certainly feel about a million times better today than I did six years ago!!!! She’s happy she got her Vet dress up, Vet Lego (of all things), tons of books of course and her sister gave her a Barbie car!!!! It’s also odd sock day at school, which is lots of fun. My little one is happy she got her un-birthday gift. Does anyone else do that??? I was actually thinking I should do a pinterest board of all the cakes that I have made… Will look at that over the long weekend!!! I need to actually get my girls off to school on time so I’d better leave it there. Until tomorrow – Have fun!

Obi made a special guest appearance