My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

Okay so after reading everyone’s posts from yesterday I joined Pinterest. My link is: I have a few boards set up, lots to go. This could be a real time waster, but a lot of fun too. Will see what happens. Today’s prompt is about You Tube.

Ghostnapped has a You Tube Channel:

I have my book videos on there, lots of fun. Check out how the dog in the Ghostnapped video is the wrong colour, oooppsss, not my doing. Anyway the Obi video is cool. I have also on occasion posted some videos of my dogs (of course), it’s a dog blog remember. There is Obi V the Car (very funny, unless you are a radio control car), soccer Star Stitch, Stitch determined and Labs ‘n Life – what you don’t see. It’s a bit of fun. I must admit I haven’t posted for ages. I should do one tomorrow just because I can. Will try to take a video at work.

So does You Tube help sell books? Not in my experience, but then like everything else I probably don’t use it to its full potential. I’m not sure how to maximise this, so looking forward to reading your posts. Once again I can see plenty of time wasted on such a medium, for little gain. I have nothing against sharing the fun, but let’s face it the reason we do all this stuff is to sell books. So to You tube or Not to You Tube??? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Until tomorrow – have fun!