The prompt for today was about Pinterest – I’m not on it. although with all my doggy pictures I probably should be, maybe after I read everyone else’s blogs I will have a go.

Tonight I want to focus on my writing. It is after all why I blog. I was thinking tonight as my kids watched Mickey Mouse before bed that really my writing is a lot like one of my hobbies. I love jigsaw puzzles. At the moment I am attempting this whopper:

I actually made some progress tonight although it currently looks like this:

At the moment I am doing the Chapter Book Challenge (ChaBooCha) and while looking over my notes today I felt exactly like I did when I sat down to do my jig saw. An impossible puzzle, that will take lots of work, but I know I’ll get it done. If I get it done in the next month, well that will be a bonus. Sometimes I wish I was more organised. I wish I didn’t have millions of jotted down notes all over the house, computer files scattered everywhere and the rest of my disorganised filing. Still I figure if I was more organised I’d probably never write. I know lots of highly organised people who manage to get very little done. Yet they all say to me “How do you find the time?” I think the answer is clear. Life is a jig saw, all the pieces fit together somewhere and somehow. If you plan every little step you’ll probably take as long as if you go with the flow. Which one has less stress??? I really guess that depends on you…. I’m pretty happy with my pieces being scattered all over the place. I know I will get everything in place eventually. On time, well it’s my time so yes I will be on time! Until tomorrow – have fun!