My girls!

Leaving the prompts today. It’s monday, school and kindy day. Work for me and the dogs. Well work from home, which means trying to do work when writing is sooooooooo tempting. Still I didn’t do any, I was very good today and I focused on the task at hand. Then of course comes the pick up and my two supercharged kiddies always have som much to tell me about their day. Here’s what they did why I was at work:

made a bug, played, had to refill my drink bottle, played, sat up really straight during stories,sang songs, did the butterfly (proceeds to reenact the butterfly performance!), played and mum I’m hungry….

Science – had a cup of water, had to smell, feel, taste it.
“What did it smell like?” “Fresh air…”
“What did it feel like?” “Cold.” “That’s the temperature, not the feel… ” “Oh well it was soft.”
“What did it taste like?” “Plain water…”
“Where did the water come from?” “The tap..”
“Ha not plain water then!!!!”

What else did you do today?
Played, ate all my lunch, the surprise under my sandwich (a small chocolate from the party) really freaked me out!!!!

Freaked me out – seems to be the new catch phrase. Still all this is better than last week when she came home and proudly told me she’d written a story about a sheep getting its head cut off…. Of course that was also only days after the topic talk about the poor dead Pigmy Hippo (old age), who despite being dead has two daughters and she’s still in their hearts…..

Me thinks Dad can do the parent teacher interviews this year!!! Good grief. Still she loves school and fortunately has a teacher with a great sense of humour. Must also say that after having all her friends over for the party I know why I send them to such a great school. She has nice, well-behaved and fun friends who you are actually happy to have around.

Just as well my dogs can’t talk – imagine what they’d tell me after a day at work!!!! Until tomorrow – have fun!