Prompt 2: Do you have a Face Book Page.

Why yes I do:
Would love you to like my page and join the fun. It’s linked to this blog and my twitter and there are always more dog photos!!!!

Yesterday I mentioned my daughter’s 6th birthday party. Well the Neverland party was a hit. The Crocodile cake was a bit dodgy, but the kids loved it:
We also went on a Neverland Quest, which included the pirate ship, Tinkerbell’s workshop, Mermaid Lagoon, the Mysterious River and Pirate cove.
The kids had a great time walking the plank, digging for hidden treasure and of course the pirate ship pinarta. They all got heaps of goodies to take home and had lots of laughs.
For food we had hidden treasure jellies, pixie punch, fairy bread, the lost boys cupcakes and some actual food as well. Lots of fun had by all. My two little pirates are well and truly asleep. I’m not going to be far behind them… will try to catch up on reading more posts before I drift off. Until tomorrow – have fun!