My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

Prompt: Tell us about your blog.

Well this is it, the first prompt for the Winter Author BLog Challenge. It’s not actually winter here in Australia, in fact it is the first day of Autumn. Which means we still get hot days, split by rainy days and lots in between. Not that any of that has anything to do with my blog. Okay this blog is called Ghostnapped! It was named after the first book I had published in 2009. Wow first book, that actually sounds very cool. Since then I had my second book – Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist published in 2011 and this year I am in the process of having The Homework Goblin published. So I am a children’s author. Well more accurately I am a hobby children’s author. This is my blog. I generally blog about writing, my kids and my job. I work for Labs ‘n Life. We train Labradors so there are always lots of doggy pictures on this blog. All of them very cute. So far this year I have almost blogged everyday. I think between this and my other blog – Stitch Says (for author interviews and reviews) I have blogged more than once a day. Which is all pretty good. I am actually really enjoying doing it every day. This is my fourth challenge, second time in this challenge. SO its lots of fun. I love reading other people’s posts too, when I get the time.
This month I am also taking part in the Chapter Book Challenge (ChaBooCha1) so some of my blogs may be about that. I am actually writing the sequel to my second book. It will be called Obi the Super Puppy and the Quest for the Last Laugh.
I love reading people’s comments, so feel free to share your thoughts and I will endeavour to do the same. I generally do not get very controversal, in fact I like to think this blog is pretty positive and easy to read. I certainly like to keep things short. The first few blogs will be short – my big girl is having her 6th birthday tomorrow. I have just finished making the crocodile cake. In the morning I need to decorate the back yard into Neverland before all her friends arrive. So lots to do – I will catch up with everyone else after the party. Best of luck everyone and I look forward to reading your posts. Until tomorrow – have fun!

P.s If you would like and Author interview or Review email me at and I be in contact!