So today was a day off – or so my husband would say…. Yep mum duties. Actually got a lot done today. I booked our annual tickets to Disney on ice (for us as much as the kids). It’s our little taste of Disney each year and we love it! I also organised for Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist to go to two international book fairs. Did another revision of The Homework Goblin and found some things I need to fix. Funnily enough this makes me feel better! Made name tags, thankyou notes and treasure flags for the party. Even made sunken treasure jellys for the kids – fruit jelly with a hidden chocolate coin…. Put together the party treasure chests for the kids coming to the party. Made sure I had enough to make jelly slice ships tomorrow and printed the lucky tokens for our lucky dip. I think I am organised for the party, just need to make the slice, cup cakes and the crocodile cake. Let me see I also swept the floor, made dinner for tomorrow night, helped with the homework, got the kids to bed and am finally sitting down to do some work. So much for my day off. Also forgot to add the taxi service and went to the gym. Still I feel great, I know I did what I needed too. Which should make tomorrow easier…. hahahahahahaha never easy when you have kids. Still for now I have five beautiful Labradors in my back yard, so I might have a drink and sit and watch them for a while!!!
My team

Until tomorrow – havve fun!