Ashley Howland

So excited!!!! Last night I was emailed the first revision of my new book – The Homework Goblin!!! It’s funny, when you first look at your work in book layout how much that changes everything!!! It’s really happening, my third book is really getting published. Of course now the hard work begins. The bit where you have to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. So I have been through the revision and much to my delight I have found nothing to correct. It all looks excellent. Of course I really hope that is true and I haven’t missed something. So I will go through it again tomorrow and my husband will go through it too. It pays to be careful at this stage. If I find anything then I can correct it before it’s too late! It is also hard to be patient here because my book is sooooooo close. Once the text is perfected then comes the good bit – the front cover. While I illustrated the actual book (a bit scary, although I’m really happy with how they came up), I have left the front cover up to my publishers. I can’t wait to see it. Yes people do judge a book by its cover, so I’m looking forward to that stage. Still either way it won’t be long now. You can pre-order your copy at:

Obi The Supper PuppyGhostnapped

You can also check out the links to my other two books there as well – Ghostnapped and Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist! Check out a copy today! Until tomorrow – have fun!