Today was my first day back at one of my schools for Labs ‘n Life. I have been working at this school for the past four years and have had some great students. These are often students who don’t think about others. However today we started a new program. My old students have now become mentors. Which is fantastic. Some did it last year too, but this year I am challenging them once again. The final session is one on one work for them. They are working with the students from the special class. It was amazing to watch. The mentors were beautiful and the dogs were also fantastic. I was so proud of them!!! What was even better was the Principal was there to see it too. She now understands exactly what Labs ‘n Life can do. It takes kids who only think about themselves and turns them into caring and productive members of the community. It doesn’t happen over night and sometimes the road is bumpy. It does happen though. Simply because the dogs are the vehicle. The dogs give them all a focus that is not on themselves and what’s more the dogs never give up on a kid!!!! It was a great start and I know the students saw how much their work meant to the mentees. So much fun!!! Exhausting though, working with dogs and kids is certainly that. Worth every bit of energy, but you sleep well. Until tomorrow – fun!